Frederick Van Magness, Jr.

Attorney-Broker #149143

Fred Van Magness
Fred Van Magness

Fred Van Magness is the Broker at Lyric Properties, making him responsible for all business of the real estate brokerage.

Van Magness is a licensed attorney by trade and has experience dealing with buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in a variety of settings, whether at the closing table or in the courtroom. At Lyric Properties, he generally does not represent clients’ legal interests as their attorney, but he says his training is still useful for real estate consumers.

“What’s important to me is attention to detail,” says Van Magness. “I might not be representing clients as their attorney, but given my background, I’d like to think our clients feel that we are paying close attention and looking out for their best real estate interests.”

As for those interests, Van Magness says it’s important for successful real estate agents to fully understand what their clients want. “Real estate is as much about people as it is about houses,” he says. “I’m focused on making sure Lyric Properties listens to our customers and that we truly understand and focus on their needs and desires.”

“Buying and selling property is a big life decision, and we want to make our clients feel as confident and comfortable as possible,” he says.

When asked what makes Lyric Properties successful, Van Magness highlights its independence and flexibility.

“One thing people should know about Lyric Properties is that when you deal with us, everyone in our company represents the same person,” he says. “If you list your house with one of many other real estate brokerages, you could find your agent or another agent at the same firm also representing the buyer sitting across the closing table from you. We don’t do that. With us, we work as a team, and we represent only you.”